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Cooler Master case HAF 700, ATX, bez zdroje, průhledná bočnice, šedá

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Pridať do obľúbenýchCooler Master case HAF 700, ATX, bez zdroje, průhledná bočnice, šedá
Prevedenie skrine:Mini ITX; Vybavenie PC skrinky:Bez integrovaného zdroja, Predný Audio panel, Predný USB panel, Priehľadná bočnice; Počet pozícií 3.5" (HDD):9.

Kód produktu1566213
Part numberH700-IGNN-S00
EAN produktu4719512127469
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Skladom u dodávateľa, expedicia do 24 hodin
Bežná cena
393 EUR
Vaša cena bez DPH
265.83 EUR
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319 EUR
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Strážny pes

HAF 700

Raw Power Unleashed

HAF 700 is a case built to brute force and shatter the ceiling of component potential, maximize results and provide the smoothest system operation experience possible. Establishing new grounds in thermal efficiency, this stealthy powerhouse elevates the function and impact of any components installed without fail. From a premium build experience, to robust quality, and performance you can rely on, each detail of HAF 700 has been fine-tuned to satisfy the needs of every power user.

  • In Spirit of Cooler Master’s HAF Legacy - Debuted in 2008, HAF has long been synonymous with exquisite performance and DIY freedom. HAF 700 embodies the spirit and soul of HAF’s classic, performance oriented design, while boasting mechanical detail and aesthetics.
  • The HAF Standard In Cooling - When it comes to HAF 700, expect only the best in product quality and thermal performance. Crafted to maintain and minimal noise levels at stock configuration, HAF 700 breaks industrial limits when it comes to hardware performance. From fifteen 120mm fans, to dual 360 radiators and 480mm radiators, HAF 700 effortlessly gives you an edge over the rest.
  • A Decade of HAF Design, Revolutionized - HAF 700 utilizes an extensive tool-less system with the goal of making the build process as easy and streamlined as possible for both experienced and casual builders alike. Featuring innovative breakthroughs such as toolless GPU and PSU installation, this unique chassis provides an experience found nowhere else on the market
  • ARGB Gen 2: Full Range Customization Unlocked - Pre-installed with ARGB Gen 2 devices from top to bottom, HAF 700 offers users unprecedented levels of freedom in lighting customization. Unlike Gen 1 ARGB devices which forces lighting to be controlled together in sets, ARGB Gen 2 allows each LED to be independently controlled. Backwards compatible and fully supporting third party devices, ARGB Gen 2 allows vastly diverse setups to be brought to life in a few simple clicks.


Product Name HAF 700
Product Number H700-IGNN-S00
Exterior Color Titanium Grey
Material Exterior: Steel, Plastic
Left Side Panel: Tempered Glass, Steel, Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) Body size - 556 x 279 x 540 mm
incl. Protrusions - 666 x 291 x 626 mm
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, E-ATX, SSI-CEB, SSI-EEB
Expansion Slots 8
Drive Bays 3.5” / 2.5” Combo: 9 (4*HDD bracket, 5*Screw+Rubber)
I/O Panel USB Ports: 1 x USB 3.2 gen 2 Type C, 4 x USB 3.2 gen 1 (3.0)
Audio In/Out: 1 x 3.5mm 4poles Audio Jack, 1 x 3.5mm Mic Jack
Pre-installed Fan(s) Front: 2x SickleFlow 200 ARGB PWM
Rear: 2x SickleFlow 120 ARGB PWM
Top: N/A
Bottom: 1x SickleFlow 120 ARGB PWM
Fan Support Top: 2 x 200mm, 3 x 140mm, 6 x 120mm (Remove 480mm bracket)
Front: Up to 2x 200mm
Rear: Up to 2x 120mm
Bottom: Up to 3x 120 / 3x 140mm
Side mount: Up to 4x 120 / 3x 140mm
Radiator Support Top: Up to 2x 360mm / 1x 420mm
Front: N/A
Rear: Up to 240mm
Bottom: Up to 420/360mm
Side mount: Up to 480/420/360mm
Clearances CPU Cooler: 166mm / 6.53 inch
Power Supply: 200mm / 7.87 inch
Graphics Card: 490mm / 19.29 inch
Cable Routing Behind MB Tray - 90~101mm
Additional Included Accessories 1x Rotatable Radiator Bracket
1 x LED Controller A1 (ARGB Gen2)
1 x ARGB/PWM Hub
Dust Filters Bottom, Right Side
Power Supply Support Bottom Mount, ATX
Warranty 2 Years

Prevedenie skrine: Mini ITX
Počet pozícií 3.5" (HDD): 9
Vybavenie PC skrinky: Priehľadná bočnice
Vybavenie PC skrinky: Bez integrovaného zdroja
Vybavenie PC skrinky: Predný Audio panel
Vybavenie PC skrinky: Predný USB panel
Aktuálna cena produktu je319EUR  s dph
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