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DICOTA Slim Case EDGE 12-13.3, light grey

Pridať do obľúbenýchDICOTA Slim Case EDGE 12-13.3, light grey
Farba:Šedá; Typ:Taška; Uhlopriečka displeja:13,3".

Kód produktu545076
Part numberD31241
EAN produktu7640158664452
Záruka:30 Rok(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Skladom u dodávateľa, expedicia do 24 hodin
Bežná cena
48 EUR
Vaša cena bez DPH
30.00 EUR
Vaša cena vrátane DPH
36 EUR
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Strážny pes

Simplicity. Functionality. Inspired, contemporary design. These are the guiding principles that define the EDGE product family. Exceptional materials, colours and highlights accentuate your own individual style. The Slim Case EDGE is designed to fit MacBook but also other note- and Ultrabook will fit perfectly.
Fresh colours combined with first class protection. The EVA foam within the main compartment perfectly adapts to the contours of your device. Besides the notebook compartment, Slim Case EDGE features a well-padded slip pocket designated to tablets up to 10.5". Cables, Smartphone and other mobile accessories are always at hand within the practical front compartment. The zip pocket at the backside of the case offers additional space for business documents. An adjustable, removable shoulder strap and the cushioned carry handles ensure comfortable transportation.
- EVA foam compartment provides superior shock protection for your MacBook or Ultrabook
- Padded slip pocket for tablets up to 10.5"
- Outer compartment for mobile accessories
- Document compartment with zipper on the back
- Removable shoulder strap and padded carry handles
More Information
Item Number D31241
Material Two-tone Polyester
Lifetime Warranty Yes
Color Light grey
Volume in liters No
Suitable devices No
EAN 7640158664452
Max. Device Measurements (mm) 330 x 230 x 30 mm
Product Measurements (mm) 360 x 250 x 40 mm
Weight 0.44 kg / 0.97 lbs

Farba: Šedá
Typ: Taška
Uhlopriečka displeja: 13,3"
Aktuálna cena produktu je36EUR  s dph
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