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TRUST Omni Thin Metal PowerBank 10.000mAh USB-C QC3

Pridať do obľúbenýchTRUST Omni Thin Metal PowerBank 10.000mAh USB-C QC3
Zariadenie:Mobil; Druh príslušenstva:Power banky.

Kód produktu373468
Part number22701
EAN produktu8713439227017
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Skladom u dodávateľa, expedicia do 24 hodin
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27 EUR
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17.50 EUR
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21 EUR
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Omni Thin metal powerbank 10,000 USB-C QC3

Thin metal 10,000 mAh powerbank with USB, USB-C, fast (re-)charging and Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology


  • Compatible with tablets and phones from Apple, Samsung & other brands

  • Auto-detects your phone or tablet to charge at highest possible speed

  • Fast-charge devices via USB-C (max 3A/15W) or USB (QC3.0: max 18W; USB: max 2.4A/12W)

  • Fast-recharge the powerbank via USB-C or micro-USB (max 2.4A)

  • Stylish and durable aluminium alloy body

  • 10.000 mAh battery with level indicator

  • Smart Protection System for safe and fast charging

  • Micro-USB and USB-C charge cables included

  • Charges phones for 40 extra hours*; tablets for 15 extra hours*
    * depends on brand/model and battery condition. For indication only

Body of power

Take this powerbank with you everywhere; with its ultra-thin design, you can slip it easily into any bag you’re carrying with you. The stylish, durable aluminium alloy body make it the perfect travel companion for all your chargeable devices such as your phone, Bluetooth speaker and Nintendo Switch!

Reach full power

Who said small can’t be powerful? This powerbank charges smartphones up to 40 extra hours and tablets for up to 15 extra hours depending on your device. The package includes a micro-USB cable and a USB-C cable to charge your devices or charge the powerbank.

Faster than fast

The powerbank autodetects your smartphone or tablet and charges it at the highest possible speed. This portable charger has a total power output of 18W and thanks to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, your smartphone & tablet will be fully charged within no-time.


Item No. 22701
EAN 8713439227017
Warranty 2 years
Package contents Powerbank
Micro-USB charge cable
USB-C charge cable
User guide
System Requirements Charger or computer with USB or USB-C port (to charge the battery)
Product size (H x W x D) 138 x 68 x 15 mm
Product weight (net) 245 g
Number of USB ports 2
Cables included 1x micro-USB and 1x USB-C
Special features USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0
Flashlight no
Protections over-load, short-circuit, over-heat
Number of cells 2
Rating 37 Wh
Safe & certified battery yes
Number of charges - tablets 2.5
Number of charges - phones 4
Extra usage time - tablets 15 hours
Extra usage time - phones 40 hours
Battery composition Li-ion
Battery capacity (mAh) 10.000 mAh
Input port micro-USB USB-C
Input power 5V/2.4A
Fast re-charging yes
Charging technology USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0, auto-detect
Output specification - Port 1 3.0A/15W, USB-C
Output specification - Port 2 18W, QC 3.0, auto-detect
USB port A types 1
USB port C types 1
Compatible Device Types smartphone, tablet
General compatibility smartphones, tablets & other USB devices
Indicators battery level

Zariadenie: Mobil
Druh príslušenstva: Power banky
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