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Zhiyun Crane M3 Combo - stabilizátor

Pridať do obľúbenýchZhiyun Crane M3 Combo - stabilizátor

Kód produktu1069791
Part numberC020116GCB
EAN produktu6970194086712
Záruka:12 Měsíc(ů)
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504 EUR
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460 EUR
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Crane M3 Combo

Whether you are shooting with a smartphone, action camera or a compact mirrorless - the Crane M3 is the gimbal for you. Functions like improved grip, a new quick release, bigger screen and the possibility to connect a microphone to the gimbal are just a few of the new exciting features we´ll find on the new gimbal from Zhiyun.

On the back of the M3 we find a new 1.22” OLED touch screen with a new easy-to-navigate and intuitive design. Through the screen you can control all the gimbal's important functions such as operating mode, engine power etc. With gimbal you can also change the camera's settings by connecting it either with a cord or via Bluetooth. Below the screen is a joystick that can either help you navigate the menus or smoothly control one of the gimbal's three axes.

At the top of the gimbal, we find three powerful engines that can handle up to 90% of all mirrorless cameras on the market. The camera can easily be attached to the gimbal with a newly designed quick release plate that allows you to change battery on the camera without rebalancing. Another exciting feature is a new built-in 800-lumen LED on the top side of the gimbal, colour temperature levels can be set between 3000-5400K. The LED also has the ability connect magnetic light filters that comes in four different colors.

With the new Crane M3 comes the TransMount Expansion Base. A module (optional, included in Crane M3 pro package) that allows professional microphones to be directly connected to the gimbal instead of adding extra weight to the camera.

Battery life is 8 hours and charging time only 2 hours. The gimbal can easily be powered via a powerbank and supports fast 25W PD charging.

The M3 features innovative locks and latches for storage. Gimbal can be adjusted to half-storage/full-storage mode. No axis arm adjustments are required when switching to half-storage mode with a mounted camera, and no rebalances needed when expanded.

Kit contains:

Tripod Plus
Cell Phone Mount
TransMount EasyGo Backpack

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