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ARCTIC ventilátor P12 PWM PST 120mm, bílá

Pridať do obľúbenýchARCTIC ventilátor P12 PWM PST 120mm, bílá
Typ chladiča:Aktívne; Využitie chladiča:Do PC skrinky.

Kód produktu523185
Part numberACFAN00170A
EAN produktu4895213702263
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Výrobca:Arctic Cooling
Skladová dostupnosť:Skladom u dodávateľa, expedicia do 24 hodin
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The P12 PWM PST is a fan with PWM PST connectors. It features completely redesigned fan blades and is optimised
for high static pressure. Thanks to this, it is especially effective when used on heatsinks and in situations with higher air resistance. The wide RPM range from 200 to 1800 RPM can be regulated
seamlessly and synchronously with other fans thanks to ARCTIC's PWM Sharing Technology (PST). The newly developed motor with a low coil temperature significantly increases the life span of the fan. Therefore we have extended the warranty to 10 years.

  • Optimised for static pressure
  • Ideal choice on heatsinks, radiators and (partly-) covered case vents
  • Push- or pull-configuration
  • PWM Sharing Technology (PST) regulates fan speed synchronously
  • Newly developed, very quiet motor
  • Extended life span
  • Available in three sleek colors


Fan Speed 200 - 1800 rpm
Airflow 56.3 CFM/ 95.7 m3/h
Static Pressure 2.20 (mm/H2O)
Noise Level 0.3 Sone
Fan Frame Standard
Controll Type PST
Connector 4-Pin-Connector + 4-Pin-Socket
Fan Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Electric Characteristics
Typical Voltage 12 V DC
Starting Voltage 3.9 V
Current 0.08 A
Cable Lenght 400 mm
Size & Weight
Lenght 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Height 25 mm
Weight 145 g

Využitie chladiča: Do PC skrinky
Typ chladiča: Aktívne
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