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DICOTA Security Cable T-Lock Value, keyed, 3x7mm slot

Pridať do obľúbenýchDICOTA Security Cable T-Lock Value, keyed, 3x7mm slot
Typ príslušenstva:Zámky.

Kód produktu545068
Part numberD30835
EAN produktu7640158660430
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Na dotaz
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33 EUR
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19.17 EUR
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23 EUR
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A notebook can be stolen in an instant. Expensive hardware and important data are lost. This can also involve a lot of work and great expense. Police, insurance, data recovery etc. Targeted prevention is the answer. With a quality lock from DICOTA. Easy, convenient and effective. Ideal for use in the office, in cars or in hotels.

This DICOTA lock fits almost all standard lock slots. Notebooks, projectors, printers and monitors can be effectively secured. With a length of 200cm and a diameter of 5.2 mm, the steel cable is designed to be extra long and extra strong. Two keys are included. Thanks to the "push-to-lock" function, the lock can also be secured without a key. This lock is a standalone version and cannot be integrated into a superordinate lock system.

- Maximum theft protection
- Push-to-lock function
- 2 keys included
- Featuring a 5.2 mm thick steel cable
- Lockhead rotates 360°
- 3 different spacers for almost any device type

More Information

Item Number: D30835
Material: Steel cable with TPR casing
Lifetime Warranty: No
Color: silver
Volume in liters: N/A
Suitable devices: N/A
EAN: 7640158660430
Product Measurements: (mm) x 2000 x mm
Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.22 lbs

Typ príslušenstva: Zámky
Aktuálna cena produktu je23EUR  s dph
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