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HPE FlexNetwork 5140 24G SFP (16GSFP + 8SFP dualports (BASE-T RJ45 or 100/1000BASE-X)) EI Switch

doprava zadarmo
Pridať do obľúbenýchHPE FlexNetwork 5140 24G SFP (16GSFP + 8SFP dualports (BASE-T RJ45 or 100/1000BASE-X))  EI Switch
Prevedenie:Rack mounted 19"; Technológia:Gigabit Ethernet + 10 GbE porty; Maximálny počet portov:24; Management:SNMP/RMON.

Kód produktu709696
Part numberJL826A
Záruka:99 Doživotní
Výrobca:Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Skladová dostupnosť:Na dotaz
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4849.01 EUR
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5867.30 EUR
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Strážny pes

HPE FlexNetwork 5140 24G SFP w/8G Combo 4SFP+ EI Switch

HPE FlexNetwork 5140 24G SFP 4SFP+ EI Switch (JL826A)

I/O ports and slots

16 SFP 100/1000 Mbps ports

8 SFP dual-personality ports - 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45 or 100/1000BASE-X Combo Ports

4 SFP+ fixed 1000/10000 SFP+ ports

Additional ports and slots

1 RJ-45 serial console port

Power supplies

2 power supply slots

1 minimum power supply required (ordered separately)

Physical characteristics


17.32(w) x 14.17(d) x 1.72(h) in (44 x 36 x 4.36 cm) (1U height)


13.23 lb (6kg)

Memory and processor

512 MB SDRAM, 256 MB flash;

Mounting and enclosure

Mounts in an EIA standard 19-inch telco rack or equipment cabinet (Rack Mount Kit R8M91A sold separately)


IPv6 Ready Certified

1000 Mb Latency

< 5 µs

10 Gbps Latency

< 3 µs


95 Mpps

Routing/Switching capacity

128 Gbps

Routing table size

1024 entries

MAC address table size

16384 entries


Operating temperature

23°F to 113°F (-5°C to 45°C)

Operating relative humidity

10% to 90%, noncondensing

Non-operating/Storage temperature

-40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)

Non-operating/Storage relative humidity

5% to 95%, noncondensing


Low-speed fan: 41.4 dB, High-speed fan: 47.7 dB; ISO 7779

Electrical characteristics


50/60 Hz

Maximum heat dissipation

102/204 BTU/hr (107.61/215.22 kJ/hr), for AC Powered units. For DC powered units heat dissipation is 130 BTU/hr min, 232 BTU/hr max.


100 - 240 VAC

-48 to -60 VDC


5 A

Maximum power rating

60 W

Idle power

30 W


- Idle power is the actual power consumption of the device with no ports connected.

- Maximum power rating and maximum heat dissipation are the worst-case theoretical maximum numbers provided for planning the infrastructure with fully loaded PoE (if equipped), 100% traffic, all ports plugged in, and all modules populated.

- Power Ratings for AC Power Supply indicated above.

- For DC input power, Idle Power is 38W and Max is 68W.

- DC Max input current is 8A. Units are supplied without a power supply. Customer must buy 1 or 2 JD362B (AC) or JD366B (DC) power supply.


UL 60950-1; EN 60825-1 Safety of Laser Products-Part 1; EN 60825-2 Safety of Laser Products-Part 2; IEC 60950-1; IEC 62368-1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1; EN 62368-1/A11; FDA 21 CFR Subchapter J; ROHS Compliance


FCC Part 15 Subpart B CLASS A; ICES-003 CLASS A; VCCI-CISPR 32 CLASS A; EN 55032 CLASS; AS/NZS CISPR32 CLASS A; CISPR 24; EN 55024; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3; ETSI EN 300 386; GB/T 9254; YD/T 993



EN 55024


EN300 386


IMC - Intelligent Management Center; SmartMC;command-line interface; Web browser; SNMP Manager

Maximální počet portů: 24
Provedení: Rack mounted 19"
Technologie: Gigabit Ethernet + 10 GbE porty
Management: SNMP/RMON
Funkce: L3
Funkce: QoS (Quality of service)
Funkce: VLAN (virtual local area network)
Funkce: DHCP snooping
Funkce: L2+L4
Funkce: Stohovatelnost
Počet SFP portů: 24
Počet portů Combo: 8
Počet SFP+ portů: 4
Počet portů LAN: 8
Ventilátor: Ano
Přenosová rychlost LAN (Mb/s): 96
Počet portů LAN: 8
Přenosová rychlost LAN (Mb/s): 96
Maximální počet portů: 24
Počet portů Combo: 8
Počet SFP portů: 24
Počet SFP+ portů: 4
Počet USB 2.0: 1
Počet USB 2.0: 1
Aktuálna cena produktu je5867.30EUR  s dph
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