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Manhattan kabel USB-C na DVI, 2m, černá

Pridať do obľúbenýchManhattan kabel USB-C na DVI, 2m, černá
Špecifikácia kábla / redukcie:Adaptér, Redukce; Input:USB-C; Output:DVI.

Kód produktu254951
Part number152457
EAN produktu766623152457
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Na dotaz
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21 EUR
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14.17 EUR
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17 EUR
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USB-C to DVI Adapter Cable

The Manhattan USB-C to DVI Adapter Cable transmits a USB video signal to a DVI projector, flat-panel display, television or similar device. Built-in circuitry allows digital media enthusiasts to easily enjoy USB-based multimedia content on an HD display or TV while maintaining simultaneous A/V reception at the source. Its high-definition capability supports up to 2520x1600@60Hz and 1080p to serve a wide range of resolutions in many devices and HD applications including training, retail and trade show settings. Your source device must support DP Alt Mode. It effortlessly delivers digital content that's stored on a smartphone, tablet, Ultrabook or notebook computer to a display with DVI input capabilities.

  • Easily connects a USB-C device that supports DP Alt Mode to a DVI display, monitor or projector

  • Delivers clear, sharp resolution up to 2520x1600@60Hz; supports 1080p HD video aspect ratio of 16:10

  • Ideal for connecting a DVI display to a DP Alt Mode-capable smartphone, tablet, Ultrabook, laptop and more

  • Compatible only with a USB-C device that supports DP Alt mode; Thunderbolt 3 port compatible

  • Slim design makes for clutter-free desktop; direct connect cable makes it the perfect travel companion

  • Compatible with DVI-I and DVI-D interfaces

  • Bus powered: no external power supply needed

  • Three-year warranty


Standards and Certifications - CE
- RoHS2
- USB 3.2
- DP Alt Mode
Package Contents USB-C to DVI Adapter Cable
System Requirements DP Alt Mode-supported device
Resolution up to 2520x1600@60Hz
Bus powered no external power supply
Input USB 3.2 type-C male
Output DP male
Adapter cable 2 m (6 ft.)
Weight 0.1 kg (3.9 oz.)
Operating Environment
Operation Temperature 0 – 40°C (32 – 104°F)
Storage Temperature -20 – 60°C (-4 – 140°F)
Humidity (noncondensing) 0-96%

Špecifikácia kábla / redukcie: Adaptér, Redukce
Input: USB-C
Output: DVI
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