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Zebra čtečka DS2278-SR USB KIT 2D white, USB (HID) kabel, (prezentační stojánek)

Pridať do obľúbenýchZebra čtečka DS2278-SR USB KIT 2D white, USB (HID) kabel, (prezentační stojánek)
Druh kódu:1D (čiarový kód), 2D (qr kód); Typ snímača:Imager; Rozhranie:USB.

Kód produktu304939
Part numberDS2278-SR6U2100PRW
Záruka:36 Měsíc(ů)
Skladová dostupnosť:Na dotaz
Bežná cena
393 EUR
Vaša cena bez DPH
241.67 EUR
Vaša cena vrátane DPH
290 EUR
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Strážny pes

Zebra DS2278 - USB Kit, Cordless Area Imager, Standard Range. Color: White. Includes cradle and USB cable.

Affordability and Simplicity Delivered

2D barcodes have made their way to your Point of Sale (POS), appearing on everything from the items your customers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. Your 1D scanner can"t capture the new 2D codes, leading to exceptions that slow down the check-out process and frustrate customers at that key last personal touchpoint in your store. But with the DS2200 Series, you can scan it all. You get an affordable 1D/2D imager that doesn"t compromise performance or features for price. And you can choose the model that best fits your POS needs - the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278. In addition to providing best-in-class scanning functionality, the DS2200 Series is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage. The DS2200 Series is pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box. Workers get best-in-class first-time, every-time scanning with true point-and-shoot simplicity. When it comes to management, our no-cost tools make it easy to manage scanners in all your locations and develop a custom scanning application to best meet your specific business needs. The DS2200 Series "" delivering the affordability your budget demands, with the deployment, ease of use and management simplicity your business requires.

Rozhranie: USB
Druh kódu: 2D (qr kód)
Typ snímača: Imager
Aktuálna cena produktu je290EUR  s dph
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